Our innovative training program gives young people the skills they need to change the narrative in their local communities.

GenVote’s training program was designed by our staff to flip the current model of political organizing on its head. Far too often in local campaigns, young volunteers are not empowered to provide their ideas or not given authentic leadership roles.

That’s why we built an immersive training program using the GenVote Model of Engagement. We provide the educational tools that empower GenVoters to pioneer research efforts, develop policy platforms, lead campaigns and break records for student voter turnout.

Our training modules are highly interactive and are facilitated by experts in youth organizing. Here are a few examples of trainings that we offer:

Student Constituency Organizing

Master the art of student constituency organizing and unleash the power of young people in your community. We equip our Student Constituency Organizers with the necessary tools to bring together young voters and activists to elevate our voices in electoral politics and advocacy campaigns.

Student Opinions Research 101

Learn how to run innovative student opinions research initiatives to understand the issues affecting young people in your local community. We provide our Student Opinions Research Directors with the necessary tools to build a comprehensive polling program and understand the basics of public opinion research.

How to Build a Youth Platform

Build local “Youth Platforms” and create campaign narratives that elevate the ideas of young people in your community in local campaigns and coalitions. We teach our Policy Directors how to work with local stakeholders and analyze the results from our Student Opinion Research initiatives to write innovative policy platforms.

Turning Out Our Generation

Learn how to create professional get out the vote (GOTV) plans to drive student turnout in your community and get students to the polls. We work with each of our teams to implement comprehensive and highly effective GOTV campaigns on-and-off campus, using proven campaign strategies and tactics.

Interested in our training program? Join our movement!

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