We are millennials, activists, and campaign veterans looking to turn the political process upside down. We created a new model of engagement that disrupts the political process, empowers young people to take control of the narrative, and change the direction of our local communities. We are a network of students conducting original student opinions research on our campuses, advocating for innovative local Youth Platforms, engaging with thousands of student voters and working with local progressive candidates across New York.

We are the next generation of politicians, teachers, doctors, and engineers. Our vote can determine the future of our country. To do this, we need to organize a bottom-up youth-driven movement. We need to be Generation Vote.

Our Staff:

Brianna Cea



A skilled youth organizer and voting rights advocate, Brianna is passionate about empowering young people in the political process and expanding youth voting rights.

Brianna Cea is a research and program associate at the Brennan Center for Justice and CEO/Co-founder of Generation Vote, where she educates, mobilizes and connects young people to become agents of change in local electoral and advocacy campaigns through the GenVote Model of Engagement. Brianna is also the Co-Chair of the Let NY Vote Youth Voting Rights Working Group, the largest voting rights coalition in New York State and responsible for passing the first NY voter reform laws in over 100 years.

At the Brennan Center, Brianna focuses on the census and redistricting. Her work has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Atlantic, SCOTUSblog and other outlets.

Brianna is also involved with the Roosevelt Institute Alumni Network, where she serves as a Forge Fellowship Mentor, and sits on the Board for OCA-Asian Pacific Advocates NY.

Cea graduated summa cum laude with a BA in political science and philosophy, politics and law from Binghamton University in May 2018. While on campus, she was a Newman Civic Fellow, served as the Regional Coordinator for the Roosevelt Institute Lower Northeast Region, founded Roosevelt Institute at Binghamton University and the Broome County Student Board of Advisors, and interned with the New York Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery and Tenant Protection Unit.

Scott Benson



Scott Benson is the Chief Technology Office of Generation Vote. Scott is a software developer with a strong background in design. He is the co-founder and CEO of education startup Study Clash and additionally works a freelance web developer. Scott has worked as a web developer/designer for two design agencies, Langton Creative and Idea Kraft, as well as a software developer for healthcare technology company Cipherhealth.

He graduated from Binghamton University in May 2018, majoring in Political Science. Gen Vote allows him to combine his technical skills with his interest in politics. When he’s not working, he enjoys soccer, staying active, and volunteering at animal shelters.

Brendan Cushing

Program Manager


Brendan Cushing is the Program Manager of Generation Vote. Brendan is both an activist and experienced field organizer whose political activism and field organizing began in High School via contacting, organizing, and mobilizing volunteers around environmental and animal welfare related social activism. Having recently graduated from the University at Albany as a Dean's list scholar, Brendan worked in various professional settings during his time at University, including Empire State Development (New York State's economic development agency), the New York State Offices of the Inspector General, and in the New York State Assembly as a legislative staffer in Assemblyman Anthony D'Urso's office. Additionally, Brendan has worked on two State Senate campaigns and one County Legislature campaign during which he helped train and organize student volunteers.

During his last two years at University, Brendan was the Team Leader of GenVote @ Ualbany. During his time as Team Leader, Brendan successfully led his team through a student opinions research project, the development of a student policy platform, extensive voter registration projects both on campus and off, such as at the Albany County Correctional Facility, and lobbying our state legislature on behalf of passing voting reform within the state. When he is not working, Brendan enjoys gardening, reading, painting, live music, and meeting new people.

Our National Advisory Board:

Conrad Taylor

Conrad Taylor is a City of Binghamton Councilman and recent graduate of Binghamton University. He won his City Council seat at the age of 19 as a sophomore in college, and looks forwarding to bringing his passion for youth engagement to the Generation Vote Advisory Board. Conrad is also the Production Director for the LUMA Projection Arts Festival, the country's largest festival to focus on projection mapping.

Bushra Amiwala

Bushra Amiwala is a Chicago native, activist, DePaul University Sophomore and former candidate for the Cook County Board of Commissioners. At the age of 19 she announced her candidacy for the Cook County Board of Commissioners to serve as a voice for her underrepresented generation and other marginalized communities. Her campaign has been covered nationally by TIME magazine, Teen Vogue, Scholastic Magazine and Seventeen magazine to name a few. Bushra's passion for various issues and organizations lead her to decide to run for office and her campaign resulted in historical voter turnout, making her a strong second with 13,500 votes.

She was the youngest person and first Muslim woman to ever run for this seat and was recently named Glamour Magazine’s College Woman of the Year for 2018, and is HWPL's, an organization under the United Nations, Public Peace Ambassador. Bushra is an undergraduate junior at DePaul University, majoring in Marketing and Finance with a double minor in Community Service Studies and Public Policy Studies, and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Indo-American Democratic Organization. She hopes to one day be the CEO of her non-profit organization, and is currently the Marketing and Sales director for three different start up companies. Recently, Bushra officially announced her candidacy for District 73.5 School Board!

Ramon Contreras

Ramon Contreras is the Founder of Youth Over Guns, a student-led group that advocates for inclusive gun reform that protects people of color. On June 2, Contreras and other activists carried a symbolic casket across the Brooklyn Bridge to bring awareness to gun violence in communities of color. Contreras continued his efforts throughout the summer and joined the March For Our Lives activists on their nationwide bus tour, registering thousands of young people to vote. He later became the organization's National Field Strategist for the 2018 midterm elections. Along with his activism, Ramon has served under NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, The New York State Democratic Party, and Mercury Public Affairs.

Cory Ott

Cory Ott is currently a master’s candidate at The Institute of World Politics for a degree in Statecraft and National Security Affairs. Cory was Generation Vote’s first Program Manager and developed our first training modules. Under Cory’s leadership, our first two prototype GenVote teams hit the ground running at Binghamton University and the University of Albany. He is from New Jersey and his background is in psychology, program management, and philanthropic activities.