WE as GENERATION VOTE made history with GenVote Ascenders - the first ever national youth-led program to mobilize the youth vote to win critical Secretary of State races in battleground states. Our GenVote Ascenders spent every last second knocking doors, making calls, and blasting out texts to turn out young voters to the polls to ensure that we elected Adrian Fontes (AZ), Cisco Aguilar (NV), and Jocelyn Benson (MI).

We’ve witnessed firsthand the hard work and dedication our Ascenders put into mobilizing their communities around the Secretary of State race. From organizing early voting block parties for the AAPI Las Vegas community, to talking to voters in Navajo Nation, and holding the first youth Secretary of State roundtable at ASU, our Ascenders worked tirelessly to fight back against fascists running for Secretary of State who threatened to suppress the voting rights of young people and people of color.

Our movement elected the first two Latino Secretaries of State in their states and defeated the nation’s worst election deniers. We literally stopped Jim Marchant from assuming office in Nevada - the very same man who is orchestrating a (failed) national movement to end early voting and mail-in voting. On top of that, we helped Jocelyn Benson cruise to another victory in Michigan over a Q-Anon conspiracy theorist.

Make no mistake, the 2022 midterm’s victories are our victories. Young and working class people defeated fascists who threatened to overturn the 2024 presidential election results and make voting harder in these battleground states. Generation Vote made history and showed that a small, scrappy team can change the fate of the country through old-school organizing: Every door knocked, phone call and text sent to young voters about our Secretary of State candidates pushed our champions over the finish line.

For years now we have proven that young voters are a transformative voting bloc and the future of the Democratic party. This election cycle, young folks made phone calls, sent texts, and knocked doors to turnout OUR generation in record numbers and elect progressive candidates up and down the ballot.

GenVote Ascenders is just the beginning. Donate today to support our movement!