It’s no secret that the Big Lie has emboldened insurrectionists and election deniers to spread misinformation about our elections and run for public offices that literally control how elections are run. As of June 6, 2022, at least 23 candidates that deny the legitimacy of the 2020 election are running for Secretary of State in 17 states.

If we care about the power of the youth vote, we need to give a sh*t about the Secretaries of State (SOS) elections because they can determine the 2024 presidential election and can have the final say on voting procedures that are proven to increase (or suppress) youth turnout. To fight back against the largest anti-democracy movement of our lives, we launched GenVote Ascenders - the first-and-only national program dedicated to mobilizing thousands of young people to protect our democracy and leverage the youth vote to win Secretary of State races in Arizona, Michigan and Nevada.

From now till Election Day, our GenVote Ascenders are contacting over 300,000 young people about the importance of the SOS elections and preventing anti-democracy candidates from taking office in critical battleground states. We’ve already held the first youth roundtables with nationally acclaimed SOS candidates in Nevada and Arizona, and understand what is at stake if we lose.

We can’t emphasize this enough: democracy is on the ballot and the time is now to drop everything and help us protect our democracy in the lead-up to November 8, 2022.


For the past 2 months, our Ascenders have been at the forefront of educating hundreds of young people about the Secretary of State elections. In Arizona, Mark Finchem, a prominent far-right militia member and January 6th insurrectionist, is running in an extremely competitive Secretary of State race with former Maricopa County Recorder, Adrian Fontes. In Nevada, we’re fighting against Jim Marchant - who is orchestrating a national movement to end common-sense voting policies that help all American voters, such as early and mail-in voting. And in Michigan, we’re up against Kristina Karamo, a conspiracy theorist who believes abortion is “child sacrifice” and yoga is a “satanic ritual.”

Join us in the fight and mobilize young people to support democracy champions who are committed to protecting the youth vote and the will of the people.



Are you a young person in Arizona, Michigan and Nevada and would like to support our efforts on-the-ground? Our Ascenders are organizing canvassing shifts to speak to young people in our communities about the importance of the Secretary of State races and help voters make a plan to vote. Our GenVote Ascenders are running 2-3 hour canvassing shifts in the following areas:

Arizona: Phoenix and Tucson

Nevada: Las Vegas

Michigan: Lansing, East Lansing and Mount Pleasant.

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We’ve been fighting like hell to ensure our generation secures the right to free and fair elections for decades to come. We need to raise another $35,000 for the Ascenders program to fully equip our Ascenders with the tools they need to reach over 300,000 young people about these critical races.

From now to November 8, all money raised in the Ascenders Fund will help our team cover costs for travel, youth/student candidate roundtables, GOTV tools (such as texting, digital ADs, canvassing materials and merch).

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