GenVote sparks an intersectional youth-led movement that fights for our right to vote and a just democracy for all. Originally founded in 2017, GenVote was founded to spread the GenVote Model of Engagement and educate, mobilize and connect college students in New York to progressive candidates running for local candidates. But we soon realized that it was pointless to get young people involved in political campaigns if they couldn’t access poll sites or register to vote.

That’s why in 2022, GenVote is overhauling our organization and committing to a new theory of change (TOC) that centers people power and movement-organizing.

As GenVoters, we are the youngest and largest intersectional generation building a new movement of youth voting rights warriors committed to defending and expanding the right to vote for young people.

We know that we are facing the largest anti-democracy movement that our country has ever seen, and as an intersectional movement we recognize that we are building upon the sacrifices and gains made by our ancestors as we work towards a just democracy for all.

Institutionalized systems of power and decision-making continue to suppress the right to vote for young people across the country, especially young Black, Brown, and Indigenous people. The youngest and most diverse generation yet is being silenced and prevented from politically speaking to decisions that directly affect their lives and our democracy.

Make no mistake. We are at a pivotal moment in history: we can continue to watch the gutting of our democracy at the hands of the few in power, or we can come together and fight for a society in which everyone has equal opportunity to vote and our elected officials are as representative as the electorate who voted them in.

The time is now. We are GenVote.

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