Ready to join this badass movement for our right to vote led by young people, for young people? Good, because we want you to join too. In fact, we need you to join, because this is an all hands-on-deck operation. Whether it’s participating online or sparking a GenVote hub in your city or a team on your campus, there are different ways that you can plug into the movement:

GenVote Teams and Hubs

GenVote is sparking our movement by starting GenVote Teams and Hubs in colleges, high schools, places of faith, rural counties and big cities. GenVote Teams and Hubs are open to college students, high schoolers, post-graduates, and any allies aligned with our DNA.

Our movement is driven by our GenVote Teams and Hubs. Teams and Hubs have the same autonomy within the organization. The only difference is their membership and where they are started. GenVote Teams are sparked by students at a specific institution (i.e. high school, college/university). Whereas GenVote Hubs are sparked by young people or allies in a city or county.

How to Join or Launch a Team or Hub

The very first step to becoming a GenVoter is to attend an orientation training. We hold these online at least monthly and during special in-person workshops (like GenVote Movement School). During these trainings, you will learn what it takes to bring GenVote to your community and/or how to participate remotely and online!

Click here to learn more about GenVote Movement School or to plug into an online orientation training!

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