Since 2018, GenVote trainers have trained and supported hundreds of GenVoters and allies with our unique training modules. From building student constituencies, providing public testimonies, developing direct actions, and protecting our right to vote with the 1st youth-led national election protection program, we've built the mass training infrastructure to develop the next generation of electoral justice leaders.

The GenVote National Team expanded our immersive training program and coaching capacity so anyone can get involved in Generation Vote. Through our movement trainings, GenVoters will receive the tools to talk to anyone and everyone about our generation's democratic crisis and develop campaigns for a just democracy for all at the local, state and national level.

In 2023, we announced a new series of 15 GenVote movement trainings to recruit, retain and develop leaders in the GenVote Base. Generation Vote is the only youth-led electoral justice organization in the youth voting ecosystem that provides such a robust mass training infrastructure for our base.


Welcome to the Movement Calls

Building Your Nest: Team / Hub StarterPack


Collectively Caring For Ourselves (and Democracy)

Art, Activism, and Democracy

Multiracial Democracy and Language Access

Living and Breathing the Movement: An Analysis of the GenVote Movement DNA

Developing Movement Leaders: How to Train the Trainer


Event Planning 101

Effective Volunteer Management

Birddogging 101 / How to Birddog Insurrectionists

Youth GOTV 101

GenVote Defenders: Election Protection Training

Community Based Opinions Research

How to Build Public Testimony


Developing Your JDA Platform

A Brief History of Voting Rights & The Struggle for a Just Democracy for All

lntersectional Financial Development

Organizing Your Constituency

Communications Strategy 101

Good Trouble: Direct Action 101