18-29 year olds are the largest voting bloc in the United States. We have the power to change elections.

In 2016, we were the most diverse group of voters.

Our votes are driven by issues. About 40% of young voters do not identify with a major party.

Do you feel like your voice is not heard in local politics? Are you a student activist interested in changing the status quo? Or are you a candidate running for office and have no idea how to get in touch with our generation?

Meet Generation Vote.

We want to help you make your voice heard, whether you are a student or a local candidate running for office. Through our unique model of civic engagement, we have created a comprehensive strategy to transform the way young people engage in local electoral politics and advocacy campaigns.

“Generation Vote means experience, power, and representation. It has given me the ability to use my voice in local government and has shown me that young people do matter.”

- Jacob Bezner, GenVote @ Binghamton

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