In order to reclaim our democracy and make electoral justice a major priority for our generation, we need to train young folks and equip them with the power to take ownership over the systems that hold our democracy in place in ways that go beyond simply voting (or even working the polls).

Young people aged 16-35 years old are the most racially and ethnically diverse generation that our country has ever seen. Young poll workers / monitors tend to be tech savvy and linguistically diverse, which can be invaluable for everything from managing electronic poll books to assisting voters from language-minority communities.

By creating spaces within which young folks can take leadership roles every step of the way in the management of our democratic institutions, our generation can rise to the moment and reimagine what a truly just democracy for all looks like in this country.

Introducing the first ever to-scale national youth-led election protection mass training program. This program will allow for thousands of young (16 - 35 years old) volunteers to join in on election protection efforts across the country, and provide volunteers with a transformative leadership development experience, all while maintaining autonomy and unity around our program goals.

So, we can’t emphasize this enough: the time is now to drop everything and help us protect our democracy in the lead-up to November 8, 2022. This year, we’re calling this spark Generation Vote Rising and are calling on thousands of young people to protect our freedom to vote and join GenVoters in the first youth-led national election protection program. We will work with allies across the country to monitor social media channels for misinformation and provide field support to monitor poll sites for voter intimidation and suppression.